Necessary golf gear for golfers

All sports demand from a player to have certain gear, but golf is especially demanding in that regard. While soccer players may be able to play with one ball that wouldn’t cost any more than fifty bucks, golfers sometimes spend thousands to play their beloved sport. It is true that having expensive golf clubs improves your results, but still, it’s not necessary to spend that much money on golf to have fun. You just have to plan your budget really well and know what golf gadgets and other equipment to save money on and which ones you shouldn’t. I believe that beginner golfers can get started with just few hundred dollars. If you are intermediate or average golfer though, you might need a bit more money to get full enjoyment from golf. At that point, golf clubs for novices just don’t cut it anymore, and their shortcomings become noticeable. Let’s not get into golf clubs for intermediate players now and instead, move on to main topic. If you’re interested in learning more about golf clubs for average players, this tutorial might be helpful.

So we’ve established that golf clubs are necessary part of every golfer’s gear. Not all golf clubs are the same though. There are different types of clubs, and how you play will greatly depend on which golf clubs you choose. You must choose ones that will be appropriate in all situations, from fairways including roughs. Driver is probably obvious and should be included in every set. It is the longest club with largest set and the first club you use to shoot the ball. I think getting excellent driver is very important towards the goal of improving your game and results. If you don’t have money to get three to four hundred dollar drivers, just get them used, as used clubs are much cheaper.  Then, we have woods. Some people use hybrids instead of them, but i am a firm believer that having at least one 3-wood in your club set is always a must. Now, we come to irons. These are, in my opinion, second-most important clubs in your bag (after a driver). They are basically mid-distance clubs and in order for you to play well, you need to have accurate irons. If you are a beginner, you might find irons hard to hit properly, so definitely get game-improvement irons. If you are pro, i believe there are irons called “player’s irons” for experienced golfers too. Hybrids represent very interesting case as well. They are much easier to hit than irons, especially the long ones, so you’ll often see beginners using them instead of irons. Hybrids are also notoriously versatile, which is why they are also sometimes called rescue clubs. You can use hybrids to get out of even toughest of situations, so even if you don’t replace irons with them, having a rescue club in your set is always a plus. I think putter needs no introduction. It is extremely precise club that golfers use to deliver the ball to the hole.

Price of the clubs is usually related to how well-built they are, high end clubs being super expensive and low quality clubs being cheap. But that’s not always the case, and even if it was, quality of the clubs is not the most important factor in deciding how you play with them. The most important thing is getting those clubs properly fitted to meet your requirements. Even if clubs are extremely well-built, if they are ill-fitted, they won’t do much good to your game.

Other extremely crucial piece of gear is golf bag. It is the most important accessory, as it is where you store all your other useful accessories, gadgets and clubs. You can usually get solid golf bag for under hundred dollars, but if you buy a club set from certain manufacturers, they most probably will come with golf bags. In my opinion, that’s very convenient, because finding a golf bag that fits all your other equipment can be a bit daunting. On the other hand, getting all that equipment and a bag as a combo is major relief and time saver.  Sets usually tend to come with headcovers for clubs as well, which are very useful in maintaining your golf clubs in good looking and working conditions.

Speaking of protecting your clubs, getting an umbrella is usually very good idea as well. Especially if you live in rainy area like i do. Gloves are useful for protecting yourself against rain and they protect your hands too.

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