How to save money by buying used golf clubs

Golfers often complain about how expensive this sport is, and not without a reason : golf really is expensive. At least, compared to most other hobbies that i know. Corporations, who are developing and releasing newer and newer versions of golf clubs at lightning speeds are certainly major contributor to this. Let’s not get into discussing the reasons for the current state of affairs though and instead, let me shed light on one of the solutions to this – buying used golf clubs. Some people look down on golfers who use second hand golf clubs, but i don’t think their opinion is important to any of us anyway, or otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.

For those whose budgets can’t afford newly released golf clubs, but they still want to have top notch clubs, i believe used golf clubs to be the perfect solution. They cost almost twice or three times less than newly released clubs, and most of them are just as good, if not better. The thing is, some people, who don’t have money problems, like to always have newest golf clubs available, especially the seniors. So whenever new golf club comes out, probably once every year, they get rid of their old clubs in favor of most recent release. By get rid of, i mean selling. Some of those used clubs are in perfect condition, one just has to look carefully on eBay and other listing sites. Which leads us to question : where can one buy high quality used golf clubs at fair prices?

First off, i want to start answering this question by saying that i think used golf clubs are supposed to be bought only through internet. That may seem counter intuitive, because buying golf clubs, or pretty much anything on the internet, has one big drawback – you can’t physically see the condition of an item. But i think that one drawback is greatly outweighed by multitude of advantages. For once, there is greater selection of golf clubs and when you’re trying to pick the club in best condition, large selection pool is your best shot. The flaw of buying used clubs on internet isn’t really flaw at all. If one knows certain signs to look for, one can be pretty sure of the kind of person one is dealing with on the internet. Things like seller rating on eBay give pretty good indicator of whether this golf club seller is trustworthy or not. Craigslist unfortunately doesn’t have such safety checks, which is why i always avoid shopping for used golf clubs there. Prices may be low, and sometimes you might get lucky with high quality golf club in like new condition, but overall, it’s not trustworthy. Other things to pay attention to when you’re shopping for used golf clubs on eBay are the ratings of clubs themselves, and also the longevity of seller’s presence on the platform. If it passes both of these checks, you can be 99% sure that you’ll receive your golf club just like it was described. Even when those checks fail, i think eBay has some way of protecting buyers.

There are other websites where you can buy used clubs, like CallawayPreOwned and GlobalGolf. These two are fine, and all of the golf clubs i’ve bought from them turned out to be great, but their one caveat is that they are corporations, not individuals. So they have higher operating costs during selling these clubs, and because of that, prices of used clubs are higher too. Obviously, one thing to keep in mind is that because they are corporations, they are also more trustworthy. So if you want to save time on researching the seller of a club, buying from these two websites might be a solution.

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