How to choose best golf clubs for beginners and how to improve your performance by using them

A lot of people ask me – what kind of clubs do I need to start playing golf? Answering this question isn’t hard, but after hearing it for hundreds of times answering it gets boring and you wish you had some kind of tutorial for those people to read. And that’s what it was like for me as well, and that’s why I decided to write down this guide that will help you choose best golf clubs for beginners. I believe there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying any product, especially golf clubs, but I don’t have time to name them all, so I’ll just mention the ones that are most important.

Important issues – How to choose best golf clubs for beginners

  1. You want golf clubs that are made of high quality materials and designed by professionals who know what exactly you need. Both of these things define how well made golf club is, and how long it will probably last. But don’t judge golf clubs by their prices only, because I’ve seen plenty of good golf clubs that are cheaper than fancy, but unstable clubs that break easily. So don’t worry, you can find best beginners golf clubs set for couple of hundred dollars if you look long enough. You can find some sets that will be even cheaper, but I strongly advise to avoid buying any cheap golf club pack unless it’s being sold by famous golf brands like Callaway, Wilson or Ping.
  2. Online golf club ratings are good indicators as well. Some people might disagree and say that online reviews are easy to fake and shouldn’t be considered as proper way to measure quality. But even though they sometimes are faked, I still believe they’re trustworthy, at least most of the times. For instance, on Amazon, reviews are strictly controlled, and there’s very little chance of someone getting away if they try to fake reviews for their golf clubs. And I also doubt that golf club manufacturers would ever do that.
  3. Make sure customer service from golf club seller is good before buying it. On Amazon, customer service experience is always excellent, but if you are buying golf clubs in your local store, ask them about customer service, warranty and return policies. Because you might want to return your beginners golf clubs later, and it’d be pity if they didn’t accept it back. I do recommend shopping golf clubs and basically everything else on Amazon though, because they have excellent customer driven policies.

To sum up, golf clubs aren’t hard to choose. You can follow these steps and pick the club you like, or you can search around and find articles like this that go deeper into details than I did. But those golf club guides are very long, and I’m usually too lazy to read them thoroughly. And remember, don’t judge golf clubs by their prices. Affordable beginners golf club sets are all you need to get started. You can buy fancy clubs all you want later, but at the beginning, It’s waste of money.

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