Are cheap golf clubs always bad?

When it comes to expensive items, determining quality is pretty simple. When something costs a lot, we can reasonably assume that it will be of high quality. Golf clubs are no exception. When i see sets that cost thousands of dollars, i don’t wonder whether they are good or not. I can be sure that they are, or otherwise manufacturers would be insane to price it that way. They may not be a good value for the money and instead, some of those clubs are often very overpriced, but still, quality is always there.

Cheap golf clubs, on the other hand, are a bit harder to figure out. There are some clubs that are affordable and are crappy, while others may not be spectacular, but they at least have a decent build and work more-or-less as golf clubs should. Usually, if you find used club that is too cheap, it’s a scam and someone is trying to pass off knockoff golf club as a genuine one. Those are easy to detect. Hard part is finding out which of the countless affordable golf club sets that are being offered is any good. Usually, looking at customer reviews and ratings is a safe bet, but if i were you, i’d do a bit of research on golf clubs as well. For example, i can be sure that Callaway Strata is high quality set, because reputable blog like GolfClubsGuru has reviewed it. Not to mention the fact that it has countless satisfied customers who are all saying positive things about this set.

Does that mean that beginners should get cheap golf clubs then? I think the answer to that is yes. Starter golfers will be much better off with affordable set of clubs than high-end one. First of all, when you’re beginner in anything, you shouldn’t overspend on the gear of that hobby, since you aren’t sure that you’ll be sticking around to actually use that gear. High end clubs do have their fair share of advantages, but to be honest, when you’re a beginner, those advantages don’t really matter. At that stage, a player is still concerned with figuring out which golf clubs are supposed to be when and such elementary things. Once you’ve mastered these basics, then you can confidently say that better set of clubs will actually improve your game. Still, beginners often make a lot of mistakes and they roughly treat their clubs, so even if you have budget for it, I think that going for expensive set right away is a bad idea. The best course of action, in my opinion, is getting two hundred dollar set for novice golfers, playing with it for few months, and once you get better, upgrading to something new. If you don’t have the budget to afford all this, then you should consider getting Strata Ultimate set. It’s more expensive than the other versions, but it has silver lining – you can use it for years to come, since you won’t easily outgrow them.

Now that we’ve got that covered, i think it’s time to talk about best places to actually get these club sets. One of, if not the best marketplaces for golf clubs is Amazon. It often offers deals and their policies are centered around the customer. You are also absolutely safe from getting counterfeit clubs by accident or anything like that. eBay is good place to buy used clubs, but there are a lot of things to look out for when shopping for used golf clubs. That’s why i don’t recommend to beginners to do it. Instead, as i’ve mentioned before, i think beginner golfers’ best shot is to get solid affordable club set, like one of the Callaway Strata series sets.

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