Different types of golf clubs

Getting started in golf can be very confusing, especially if one doesn’t have a friend of some kind to guide them through the difficulties. There may be many different reasons for why that is, but in my opinion, one of the hardest things about learning to play golf is the issue of golf clubs. There are 5 different types of clubs in golf, and all of them have to be used in a specific way and on special occasions. It takes a lot of time to learn intricacies of each type and master the art of using them properly. Many golfers feel the need to take lessons just to get started. In comparison, other sports are usually much simpler and don’t require this kind of time and money investment just to get started with a sport. So, i decided to write comprehensive guide, which would simply explain differences between all sorts of clubs and by doing so, help beginner golfers to make sense of golf.

First off, i’ll give basic overview of each type, which can use to distinguish them by their looks and i’ll also explain shortly what that particular type does and how. Drivers, are usually the largest in size and also have biggest club head of all the clubs. They are used to drive golf ball as far as possible.  Drivers are less accurate than other clubs, especially the irons, but in terms of distance, they are the most superior. Then there are woods. They are named like that because in the past, they used to be made of exclusively wood material. That is no longer true, but the name stuck nonetheless. Driver is technically a wood, with their key properties inflated to extremes. So we can say that woods are less extreme versions of a driver. They allow players to shoot golf ball far away, but the longer the distance, the more accuracy is sacrificed. Now, we come to irons. They are most accurate of all the clubs i’ve described before, but also are limited in distance. So the closer you get to the hole, the smarter it is to use irons instead of woods and driver. Most golfers use driver just to make the first shot. Hybrids are usually used interchangeably with irons and woods that are more accurate than others. As the name “hybrid” probably suggests, they are mixture of the two. Hybrids can be described as having the best of both worlds, and therefore, many beginners opt to use them instead of both – irons and woods, especially the former. Irons are notoriously hard to hit, so beginners often prefer simplicity of hybrids. At last, there are putters. They are probably simplest to figure out. They are extremely accurate and designed for short shots. Their use is probably obvious – once you’ve gotten your ball very close to the hole, you use a putter to finally deliver the ball. You can probably guess how important it is to choose a good putter. If you’re a woman, like myself, you can read excellent tutorial on choosing best putter as a woman here.

Understanding these differences between many types of clubs is especially important if you’re going to buying them  and collecting entire club set all by yourself. If you have a plan who can help out, definitely use that help when you’re buying golf clubs one piece at a time. Even better solution, in my opinion, is buying them all at once, as a club set. That way, you save money, time and headache of potentially making a mistake.

How to choose utility iron

With rising popularity of hybrids, you’d think that people are giving up on irons, and while that might sometimes be true, utility irons still remain extremely popular to this day. So, what are they? What is it exactly that utility irons do? I’m going to answer these two questions that probably come to most readers’ minds. Utility irons are the irons with special design that increases distance while trying to minimize the sacrifice of accuracy. You might think this is too good to be true, but some manufacturers have actually pulled off the feat of designing great utility irons. They are also called driving irons, and are often used instead of woods and even the driver. Some people, especially the beginners who like the ease of use that hybrids provide, use hybrids to replace woods. So, for hitting a golf ball off of fairway greens, there are three major options – woods, utility irons and hybrids.

In general, average hybrid will be much easier to play with than, say, average utility iron. Because of that, when a golfer making choice between these three options is a beginner, the choice i always recommend is hybrid. Utility irons, on the other hand, require some training and experience to properly swing. That’s why professionals usually stick with utility irons and the standard choice, which is the wood. I’d say, woods are also better than irons for beginners. Irons are often very useful in windy conditions, regardless of experience level of the golfer. Balls hit with utility irons usually don’t have high backspin, so they stay close to the ground. Because of that effect, it is harder for wind to affect the trajectory of the ball, thus allowing it to travel through the air undisturbed.

At first glance, noticing differences between various utility irons is kind of difficult. To the eye of a beginner, they might all look the same. All of them are advertised as having revolutionary game improvement design and other features, but it’s hard to figure out what that actually means. Most important of these features, is being easy to hit. Good utility iron must have simple, yet effective design. Weight proportioning is pretty much as important as the physical design of the club. Utility iron must also have excellent, light shaft. In my experience, i’ve found that the best material for shaft is graphite. This material is expensive, so utility irons with graphite shafts are usually on the pricier end of the spectrum.

Basic utility irons, which are made by unknown brands or have no brand name attached at all, can be found for less than hundred dollars. One can’t say whether these off-brand irons are necessarily good or bad, it’s just that they are unpredictable. On the other hand, you can trust brands like Callaway, TaylorMade and Cobra to make excellent utility irons, even without reading reviews of that driving iron. But utility irons made by these famous golf club manufacturers are in fact more expensive. Quality utility irons cost between two to three hundred dollars. If you’re casual golfer and don’t have unlimited budget, that may seem a lot. Two solutions to that problem that come to mind, are buying entire club of sets, which tend to be cheaper on per-club basis, or buying used golf clubs. The latter method requires some experience in golf, so for beginners who want to play with utility irons, despite hybrids being easier to hit, i’d recommend buying club sets that come with utility iron.

6 golf accessories every golfer must have

Except for the golf clubs, which are obviously the first thing you should buy if you want to play golf, there are many other sorts of accessories that will turn out to be helpful on the golf course. So, to sum up my point, i will be discussing all the useful accessories, other than golf clubs, that you can buy to improve your golf game. If you’re a beginner and curious about golf clubs, you can get some pointers about golf clubs from George on GolfClubsGuru. Now, let’s get to talking about golf accessories.

Golf gloves are probably the cheapest and most useful accessory any golfer can have. That’s why i think that it doesn’t make sense to not have them, even if you’re tight on budget. They are particularly useful for golfers who live in areas where it often rains, but for others as well. When you are often playing golf in areas where’s damp air, you’ll notice that your hands get slightly wet and are more slippery than normal. That’s where rain golf gloves come in. They are built to work against that exact effect, which, most of them, do very well. Even if air is rather dry where you live, not wearing golf gloves can have real consequences. One, for example, is that you might get blisters and other damage on the skin of your hand from swinging golf clubs too much. So, whether you live in place where air gets moisty or not, you will benefit from using nice golf gloves.

Putting mats are also very popular among golfers, and i think, for a good reason. They are excellent way to practice and improve your putting skills. For me personally, putter is one of the hardest clubs to use. So whenever i find the opportunity to do so, i’m always tempted to practice putting. Practice putting mats make that task pretty easy. They don’t cost all that much, either. I think you can get one for under fifty dollars right now. For something as useful as putting practice mat, that is ridiculously cheap. Golfers usually like to receive them as gifts as well, so if you are looking for inspiration, as to what kind of golf gift you should give to your friend, putting mat might actually be a good idea.

Let’s get back to the problem of rain. It’s always annoying when it rains when you’re playing golf, but just being annoyed won’t help you. I think you should also take time to be prepared for the rain when it happens and for that, you need a golf umbrella. Like other accessories overviewed here, golf umbrellas are also very affordable, as they cost around 20 to 30 dollars, at most. Of course, there are more expensive versions, but you shouldn’t worry about them. Golf umbrellas are useful for protecting your golf clubs, bag, and basically your entire golf gear, from water damage. You can probably realize how dumb it would be to risk damaging thousand-dollar-worth (or more) golf gear, just because you didn’t want to spend a twenty on golf umbrella.

Now, we come to a golf bag. This is definitely a cornerstone accessory for any golf club set, because it’s the thing you use to store everything else. You must make sure that every golf-related thing you own is organized neatly and easy to access at moment’s notice. Golf bag should also be properly designed, both in terms of being ergonomic and stylish. The reasons for why it should  be stylish are probably obvious, but on top of that, it should also be comfortable to use, because you’ll be carrying golf bag a lot. There are some bags that have sort of feet that they can stand on, they are called stand bags and are very convenient. Bags usually are more expensive than the rest of golf stuff listed here, but one shouldn’t cost you more than hundred dollars. If you don’t have that kind of money, it’s good idea to buy entire golf club set, which usually comes with golf bag as well as clubs. They aren’t perfect, but some of them, in particular, these club sets , are good enough for women.

And last, but definitely not least – golf club cleaner. These are useful for maintaining your clubs and making sure that erosion and rust don’t get to them. Obviously, they are also for cleaning your clubs, but to me, that’s their secondary function.

How to save money by buying used golf clubs

Golfers often complain about how expensive this sport is, and not without a reason : golf really is expensive. At least, compared to most other hobbies that i know. Corporations, who are developing and releasing newer and newer versions of golf clubs at lightning speeds are certainly major contributor to this. Let’s not get into discussing the reasons for the current state of affairs though and instead, let me shed light on one of the solutions to this – buying used golf clubs. Some people look down on golfers who use second hand golf clubs, but i don’t think their opinion is important to any of us anyway, or otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.

For those whose budgets can’t afford newly released golf clubs, but they still want to have top notch clubs, i believe used golf clubs to be the perfect solution. They cost almost twice or three times less than newly released clubs, and most of them are just as good, if not better. The thing is, some people, who don’t have money problems, like to always have newest golf clubs available, especially the seniors. So whenever new golf club comes out, probably once every year, they get rid of their old clubs in favor of most recent release. By get rid of, i mean selling. Some of those used clubs are in perfect condition, one just has to look carefully on eBay and other listing sites. Which leads us to question : where can one buy high quality used golf clubs at fair prices?

First off, i want to start answering this question by saying that i think used golf clubs are supposed to be bought only through internet. That may seem counter intuitive, because buying golf clubs, or pretty much anything on the internet, has one big drawback – you can’t physically see the condition of an item. But i think that one drawback is greatly outweighed by multitude of advantages. For once, there is greater selection of golf clubs and when you’re trying to pick the club in best condition, large selection pool is your best shot. The flaw of buying used clubs on internet isn’t really flaw at all. If one knows certain signs to look for, one can be pretty sure of the kind of person one is dealing with on the internet. Things like seller rating on eBay give pretty good indicator of whether this golf club seller is trustworthy or not. Craigslist unfortunately doesn’t have such safety checks, which is why i always avoid shopping for used golf clubs there. Prices may be low, and sometimes you might get lucky with high quality golf club in like new condition, but overall, it’s not trustworthy. Other things to pay attention to when you’re shopping for used golf clubs on eBay are the ratings of clubs themselves, and also the longevity of seller’s presence on the platform. If it passes both of these checks, you can be 99% sure that you’ll receive your golf club just like it was described. Even when those checks fail, i think eBay has some way of protecting buyers.

There are other websites where you can buy used clubs, like CallawayPreOwned and GlobalGolf. These two are fine, and all of the golf clubs i’ve bought from them turned out to be great, but their one caveat is that they are corporations, not individuals. So they have higher operating costs during selling these clubs, and because of that, prices of used clubs are higher too. Obviously, one thing to keep in mind is that because they are corporations, they are also more trustworthy. So if you want to save time on researching the seller of a club, buying from these two websites might be a solution.